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Bleu Royalty


Bleu Royalty Productions was founded in 2012 by writer, director, producer Elodie Alcindor. With over 5 productions written, produced and performed Bleu Royalty has built a reputation of being able to tell stories that connect and resonate deeply with its guests and mirror their real life experiences either past, or present hence the tagline, Your story. Our stage. They’ve been able to master the balance of impact and entertainment which has made the Bleu Royalty experience unique, exciting and exhilarating.


Bleu Royalty Productions creates and produces original works that work to rehabilitate black entertainment. We create jobs and opportunities for young creatives and artists to express their natural gifts and talents that help us tell stories about black love, black families and the beauty of black life.


Bleu Royalty Productions aims to reframe the perception of black men, women and children in America and to humanize their existence beyond the stigmas. We do this by shining a light onto the life, love and dynamics of healthy, happy and successful black families.

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