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Meet The Director

Elodie Alcindor

Writer and Director Elodie Alcindor was born and raised in Miami, FL and moved to Prince George’s County, MD at the age of 16 to attend Charles H. Flowers High School, Mecca of Excellence. It was there that she stumbled upon the possibility that her natural affection for journaling could transform to live story telling. 


After joining the drama club and working on her first production with her Director, Shanelle Ingram, she quickly fell in love with the process of watching a simple idea become a huge production that could entertain, engage, influence and inspire thousands of people. Her sharp focus, discipline and work ethic quickly had her promoted to head stage manager and over the next three years, she managed over 6 productions and it became apparent that this would become her life’s work. She attended Miami International University where she studied all aspects of production from sound, lighting design, directing and music and it only sharpened her skills as a creator. 


A lover of romantic comedies and musicals, Elodie grew frustrated of the scarcity of quality love stories and musicals being told about brown people so in 2012, she founded Bleu Royalty Productions with the intention of rehabilitating black entertainment. It is there that she began to tap into her power of writing and story telling and wrote, directed and produced her first show, When Change Comes. It went on the be selected and performed in the D.C. Black Theater Festival and string of other shows followed suit and were performed to sold out audiences in both P.G. County, Maryland and Miami, FL. Her latest stage play, “Why Good Men Cheat” debuted in Miami, FL in a 3-day weekend July 20-31, 2022 which launched her tour. Her nextt stop is Pompano Beach, FL on September 24, 2022.

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